Hackler History

Mr. and Mrs. Hackler

Hackler Intermediate School is named in honor of Robert and Evelyn Hackler. They are both Mountain Home High School graduates who came back to share their love of teaching and students for many years in our district.

Evelyn Hackler graduated from MHHS in 1950 and received her degree from the University of Arkansas. She and husband Robert both came to Mountain Home to teach for a year and left, eventually returning two years later. She went on to teach for 31 years in the Mountain Home school system. She went to Searcy and Cotter, winding up with 39 years of service in public education. From elementary school to high school, Evelyn contributed to English, world history, civics and psychology classes. Evelyn later became Curriculum Director for Mountain Home Public Schools.

Robert Hackler also graduated from MHHS in 1950 and received his degree from the University of Arkansas. He started teaching math in MHHS in 1954. He left to go into business and returned to teach in 1961. He became a school counselor in 1965. He was counselor until 1976. He spent eight years on the Mountain Home School Board, six as president, and two years as a state school board regional director. 

In 1985, he returned to teaching as assistant high school principal. In 1988, the Hacklers moved to Searcy, and he was assistant superintendent of schools for two years. In 1990 he became superintendent of Cotter Schools until retiring in 1997. 

In 1998, he was appointed to the Arkansas State Board of Education by Gov. Mike Huckabee, serving for more than five years, including one as chairman. 

Bronze busts, created by renowned local sculptor Ron Moore, were made to honor the Hacklers' legacy in the field of education. They were unveiled and dedicated to the school in a ceremony in April of 2015. They are available to view in the Hackler Library Media Center.

In their free time, the Hacklers enjoyed building, designing, and constructing doll houses.  Four of their beautiful creations are housed in the Hackler Library Media Center. They are fully furnished and decorated.  Some of Mrs. Hackler’s doll furniture from when she was a young girl are included in one of the houses. Mrs. Hackler comes throughout the year to change the outside decorations to match the seasons.  The students love to look at the houses and notice all the tiny little wonders hidden throughout.

Sadly, Mr. Robert Hackler passed away on Christmas Day 2013 at the age of 81.  Our building was deeply saddened at the loss.  However, Mrs. Hackler keeps his spirit alive with her frequent visits to our building.  Many days, you will see Mrs. Hackler visiting students in the hallways and classrooms, eating lunch with the students or tending to the doll houses in the library.