a graphic that says an update from Dr. Jake Long, Superintendent

MHPS Families,

If inclement weather requires us to cancel school at any point this week, I wanted to remind you all that this year’s calendar allows us to handle emergency use days differently due to transitioning from a calendar that counts days to a calendar that counts instructional minutes.

This means that we have up to five emergency use days built into our school calendar for this year that will not have to be made up by students. 

If we are not in session on Wednesday – or for up to four additional days – students will not be required to make those days up or complete AMI work. 

If we miss more than five total emergency use days this year, we will begin using make-up days, which have been added to the end of the year. Please see our school calendar (near the bottom right corner) for these dates. 

The timing of tomorrow’s weather is still uncertain, so I am asking that you make plans for your children in the event that we have to dismiss early. I am hopeful that we will not have to do that, but I want you all to be prepared. 

We will continue to diligently monitor forecasts and radar as this storm system progresses, and if any decisions to cancel or delay school are made, you’ll know as soon as those decisions are made. I know social media goes wild with assumptions and speculation at times like this, but I encourage you to ignore that mess and know that you’ll hear it from us as soon as any decision is made. 

Thank you,